Let’s be honest here: Storing Lego bricks effectively and simply is an absolute science. You can spend entire days combing through vast collections trying to keep the pieces sorted and contained… but alas there’s always more left out to step on! Thankfully, some companies understand the struggles of the average parent/Lego enthusiast looking for ways to store their bricks. A leading company is IKEA and we are glad to say there are fantastic IKEA Lego Storage solutions available! One quick browse through their website and Google gives you several pieces of furniture designed specifically for toy storage, some conveniently adept at storing the European building blocks.

And that is precisely what we are here to discuss today. Coming right at you, the 3 best Lego storage options provided by IKEA. Bear in mind, there are plenty of options in their catalogue, so these are the three best according to popularity, as expressed by the Google and IKEA algorithm for filtering queries.

Also be sure to take a look from the best Lego Storage options available on Amazon – some of which are even better suited for Lego (We love the Lego Storage Head)!

TROFAST – Storage Boxes for Organization & Access

The first entry on this list is the TROFAST piece of furniture. Before you say anything, yes, they all have a cool name like that. There’s a certain design trend with IKEA furniture that needs to be understood; it is meant to be functional, not flashy. Because of this, some of these pieces might seem unfashionable at first, but nothing that a quick bit of handy work cannot fix.

IKEA TROFAST - Perfect for Legos

Now back to the TROFAST. This beauty comes equipped with 9 storage drawers, pumped and ready to stash right about anything. What makes it so good, however, is its ability to provide sorting options for Legos. It has just enough space to properly sort the little bricks by color, shape, or set without compromising too much space. Additionally, the fact that it has no doors allows the contents to be viewed from outside, adding a neat aesthetic to children rooms and fan building stations designed to show off their collection. The plastic materials are good quality and are far more durable than you’d initially guess. The price, a solid $66.99 USD at the time of this writing, is agreeable in exchange for having a quality item that encompasses the sorting variety this piece provides. All in all, this would be recommended for someone that doesn’t mind the extra piece of furniture in the room. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t take too much space, or something that offers multiple uses, then our other options might be more suitable for you.


STUVA/FRITIDS Bench – Simple & Discrete Lego and Toy Storage

It’s always great to save space with items that can serve multiple purposes. We’ve all seen stuff like bed frames with drawers, or closets that turn into desks and thought “well that’s convenient”. If you’re up for that sort of thing, then look no further than this piece of furniture right here. Now, at first glance, the STUVA doesn’t offer the same sorting options as the TROFAST, but what it lacks in variety, it covers with versatility. It doubles as a bench is a great way to assist children when they play. It is available in a range of calming yet fun colors.

ikea lego storage bench

The fact that it uses a drawer to conceal the toys means it is a discrete option for those looking to keep rooms fancy and clean-looking, or a great hiding spot if the STUVA is meant to hide your Lego bricks from your kids (just turn it around so the drawers are facing the wall). Coming in at $79 USD, the STUVA/FRITIDS might not be as cost efficient as both items on this list, but it could be worth it if you’re looking for something that doesn’t call out much attention.


FLISAT – IKEA Children’s Table with built-in Storage

Finally, a fan-favorite for children, the FLISAT is the epitome of elegance and versatility. It combines a single TROFAST drawer with a table for children to play, effectively making it both the storage unit and the play area. This piece is ideal for smaller collections, as it doesn’t have the space to accommodate as many pieces as the STUVA or the TROFAST.

ikea lego storage in table

However, this table wins points just by concentrating Lego-building and Lego-storing activities in one place, guaranteeing lost pieces will be kept at a minimum since there’s no need to transport anything around. Capped at a very agreeable $49.99 USD, this is the most affordable item on this list, and the better-quipped to reduce levels of messiness around a little builder’s room. The wood design and the cover for the table are made of good quality materials that aren’t easy to break unless you’re really trying to do so. The size is perfect for a child between the ages of 4 and 8, but 9-year-olds might struggle a bit with it, especially if they’re big kids. All around, this product would be recommended for children that haven’t yet started elementary school.


More Considerations

  • These options offer range no matter what your storage goal is. That being said, there’s plenty more where that came from. If you take a minute to browse through the toy storage catalogue of your nearest Ikea store (also available online!), or even Google, there’s no doubt you’ll find something that fits perfectly just for you.
  • It’s worth checking the price on both IKEA and Amazon incase there are discounts on either! Prices can fluctuate, so it’s worth a check.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is giving your IKEA furniture a creative and fun twist with paint, stickers, decals, or other customisations. You can involve your children – if they love a particular category of Lego (e.g. Lego Ninjas.. or Marvel.. or Star Wars) then they will be eager to help. You can even turn the furniture into a toy or landscape of sorts which they can leverage during their play time!
  • Keep in mind the size and nature of the Lego collection too. Check out our Lego Storage Buying Guide for tips of what to watch out for when deciding on your storage solution.
  • Finally, if you want to take the customisation to the next step, then consider doing it yourself. Again, if your children are of an appropriate age – you can involve them. The benefit here is you can build the table or storage to suit their exact needs. For some inspiration, checkout out our DIY Lego Table material.