Lego storage solution is a matter of concern for most parents out there, helping their kids try something new. Trying something new will create the mess sometimes in the play area. But you won’t need to stop your kids from being creative now as the Lego storage boxes are here to help. You can teach your kids to store the Lego pieces and get everything organized.

Now, buying the best-suited Lego storage for your home’s play area can be a little daunting task. No worries! We’re here to help. We’ll move you through all the factors and attributes that you need to consider before buying the best Lego storage bins or play tables with storage for you.

Lego Storage Buying Guide


Numbers of Lego Pieces:

The first and foremost factor is to know how much you want to store in the Lego Storage bin. That’s where you need to see the number of Lego pieces or bricks! Depending on the number, there are the following types of Lego storage containers.

Small Sized:

This small-sized storage container can store from 250 pieces to 5000 Lego pieces. Make sure to choose enough capacity in liters so that you can dig and find the Lego bricks with ease. Our favourite example of this sized container are the fun Lego Storage Heads.

Medium Sized:

This type of storage bin will have the capacity to store up to 10,000 Lego bricks. However, you can either buy a single container of large size or two small containers as well.

Type of Sorting:

You can sort the Lego pieces the way you want! But make sure to buy the suitable Lego container first to sort your bricks. There are two types of sorting further.

By color:

You can organize the Lego pieces by color, and it gives you much convenience. Most young builders find it challenging to look for the best-suited color while building their imaginary things. Therefore, find Lego storage bins that sort the pieces by color.

By Shape:

Most kids love to store the bricks according to their structure rather than the color. That’s more innovative and extreme state-of-the-art! Therefore, you might look for the drawer cabinet for this.

Lego Storage Buying Guide Conclusion

Provide your kids with excellent organizational skills via different Lego storage ideas. Lego storage boxes will also give you peace of mind as parents and reduce your hassle to keep the room clean. Keep your hands on these best Lego storage containers mentioned above and reduce the chances of stepping onto a Lego piece.