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Legos are fun until they are not littered all over the place! These small Lego pieces will never make your home look tidy and clean unless you arrange them well. But how? Here we’ve got you the solution to this problem- Lego storage containers! Keep reading to know the best-suited choice that your kids love and also fits best in your play area.

Learning some necessary organizational skills and developing habits to think creatively is a must for your kids. These skills will help them grow in their practical life as well. Lego bricks are one of the ways to develop motor and social skills. These are one of the most creative toys ever invented. But these are fun until when you don’t step on them in the dark- that hurts! One of their most significant advantages- the extreme durability- can become a nightmare for you as parents.

Despite stopping your kids from using this creative toy, let’s solve this problem. The Lego box is the perfect storage solution to the Lego pieces. These Lego storage bins come in various shapes and sizes to fit in the play area space, including the brick shape, storage bag, and other fancy forms.

Choosing an art or craft box that serves as a perfect Lego storage solution might be a daunting task for you. But we’re here to help. We’ve got you covered with the best Lego storage ideas that’ll help you as a parent to reduce the mess, tidy up the place, formulate a pattern of bricks.

lego storage head in use

These are a classic option and one of our favourites. If you want to know more about the different sizes and how they might suit your needs you can read more about our teardown of the Lego Storage Heads.



  • Perfect for boys and girls
  • PVC Free
  • Fun customizable storage
  • Classic Minifigures


  • Customers complained about scratches


A Fun Storage Solution:

Storing the Lego pieces might be a tedious and unwanted task for your kids, but you can make it enjoyable. These storage headboxes are the perfect and fun way to store the Lego bricks efficiently. You can also ask your kids to hold the pieces as a part of their play and help them do the cleaning on their own. This fun storage solution will also develop a habit of cleaning the play area in their growing minds.

Stackable and Easy:

Not just storing the Lego bricks is easy, but you can also store these boxes in a stackable manner. It will save you some space in your playing area and make the play area look aesthetically beautiful. Keep your home tidy and make it an amusing display to watch as well!

Durable and Versatile:

This Lego storage head utilizes the polypropylene material to make it last longer. Moreover, it weighs only 1.04 pounds, making it easy to store and carry them where you want. Not only the Lego bricks, but you can keep office items and other small things as well.

Space you want:

There is much space to store hundreds of bricks in this Lego storage container that seems to have 9.44 x 9.44 x 10.66 inches dimensions.

Personalize the Display:

You can customize as you want! Stack up the Lego storage heads in a fun way that has different smile patterns on it. It’ll help your kids to decorate, build, and play- all at once!


These fit perfectly in with the Lego heads – the combination of these 2 storage options is a versatile and fun solution.



  • Stackable blocks
  • Perfect for gift
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • Brick 8 design


  • Lego pieces sometimes stuck


Ample Capacity:

This perfect storage bin has enough capacity to store hundreds of bricks at a time. You can make use of the brick-8 design to stack more Lego storage bricks on top of it. This way, not only you’re able to get the large storage capacity but an aesthetically pleasing box. This Lego storage container has dimensions of 4.92 x 4.92 x 7.08 inches.

Classic Lego Colors:

As parents, teaching different colors to your kids will never be as easy as these Lego boxes. These Lego containers come in a variety of colors- all matching with the Lego pieces itself. This way, you can ask your kids to put the same color pieces in the matching brick box.

Easy to Handle:

We understand the busy routine of parents. That’s why we have come up with this Room Copenhagen Lego storage bin or box, which is easy to handle. You can wash it with your hands using a little bit of soap. Also, the stackable feature helps you keep the house clean.

PVC Free:

The box has utilized the polypropylene material and is durable enough to last longer than usual. The PVC free material is safe to use for kids and leaves no worries for you as parents to keep these boxes in the kid’s living space.


A durable and classic storage solution. There’s not much to fault with this option, and it is an official Lego product.



  • A creative, playful experience
  • 35 different colors
  • Suitable for both boys and girls
  • Lightweight storage box


  • Plastic smells


Creative and Playful:

Your kids are at a growing age when they start making new things with the Lego pieces and start exploring things. This way, they can think out of the box. With every new piece stacking onto the Lego bricks, there are chances that they discover a thing to make.

Lego storage boxes can unlock their managing skills to some more extent. They can learn how to manage and store the toys after playing.

Easy and Fun Storage:

Kids can store Lego pieces in a fun way! This brick-shaped box has 8 connecting points on the top, which also acts like a Lego piece. You can stack multiple other bricks on the top to make it look amusing and save some space. As parents, you’ll have no worries about cleaning the play area and storing the littered Lego pieces.

Creative Role-play:

Kids will love the role play while paying with these Lego pieces. Once done, it’s easy for them to store and organize the elements afterward. This storing ability also serves as a learning skill and a part of creative play for them.

Multiple Colors:

This playing kit also comes with the 484 pieces of Lego to provide a complete playful experience to your kids. They can make the trains, flowers, windmill, and more items with these pieces available in 35 different colors.


Very convenient to carry around, flexible, and multi-purpose. These are a neat solution to keep the play space tidy as the Lego mess can stay in place on the mat.



  • Easy cleanup
  • Weighs only 1 pound
  • 2-in-1 purpose
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • No wire to keep upright the mesh


Quick Storage:

Toys can be a pain to clean for most of the parents. They can’t take time out of their busy schedule to clean the play area every time. But what if you teach your kids to clean up their playroom by storing the littered Lego pieces around.

2-in-1 purpose:

Alimto has a 2-in-1 storage box that provides a fun activity to all the kids. It also gives parents peace of mind that the kids are safe on the play mat. They can play on the mat and then collect the Lego pieces in a basket. This 2-in-1 play mat and storage box are easy to use for both the kids and parents.

Durable and Worth Investing:

As parents, you need to look for the storage box worth investing and last longer than the usual ones. Here is something extraordinary that comes your way in the shape of Alimto 2-in-1. It is made up of oxford cloth and the durable polyester material mat + basket featuring an 11.8-inches of height to store many pieces.

Saves Time:

No need to manually pick the Lego pieces! This quick and easy Lego storage bin helps you clutter up the toys by selecting the mat from one side and pouring the details into the basket/bin for fast storage.


Great quality and very high ratings on Amazon.



  • Three-color containers
  • Oversized webbing pullers
  • PVC free
  • No lead


  • Flimsy bag


Roomy Storage:

LEGO storage, as well as a play mat, is a whole kit that has a basket attached to a play mat. Kids can have fun making their dream object with the Lego bricks and then clutter the mess in a breeze. It is one of the best Lego storage bins as it serves a roomy storage capacity to store hundreds of pieces at a time- that too without picking up each!

Easy to Use:

It’s quite convenient to unzip the play mat and have fun for hours. You don’t need to set up the whole thing for kids. It’s easy to open and ready to use.

Separate Compartments:

There are compartments with three distinct colors in this kit. These compartments will help you gather all the toys with ease. You can carry the Lego pieces, toys, and all other small items in separate zippered containers, each having different colors.

Webbing Pullers:

The webbing pullers are a great way to carry and store the various types of toys and carry them with ease. No need to struggle while lifting the Lego storage box as you can easily lift them from the pullers.

Kid-friendly Design:

This tote bag has a kid-friendly design with the buckles and straps to carry them any way you want. The durable fastening buckles, zip end-tabs, and the long-lasting material make it a perfect choice for all the parents looking forward to a worth-investing Lego storage.


Final Thoughts

While there are some other options, the above ones are our favorites. They are fun, look pretty cool, and are most importantly very practical. Be sure to check out our Lego Storage Buying Guide for some additional considerations to ensure you make the best purchase for your particular needs.